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Projects ( Flat Tracks / Open Top )
Projects ( Flat Tracks / Open Top )

Projects ( Flat Tracks / Open Top )

A container is a sealed, rigid, reusable metal box used to hold goods that require transport by vessel, truck or rail. The container must be built for repeated use, easy to fill or empty and specially designated to facilitate the carriage of goods without intermediate reloading.

However, due to their unique form, open-top containers are more apt in carrying loose cargo in bulk; whereas flat racks are perfect for big machinery and vehicles, especially the top-heavy ones. Open-top containers may have height restriction and are better off in carrying cargo less than 7’8” tall.

Flat Rack Containers:

   Flat rack containers are specialized containers with collapsible or fixed-end walls, allowing for easy loading and unloading of oversized or heavy cargo.

   They are suitable for transporting items that cannot fit into standard containers due to their size or shape, such as machinery, vehicles, or large equipment.

   Flat rack containers come in various sizes, with some featuring foldable or removable sides to facilitate loading from the top or sides.

   They are commonly used in industries like construction, mining, and oil and gas for transporting bulky or irregularly shaped cargo.


Open Top Containers:

   Open top containers are similar to standard containers but lack a solid roof, allowing for top-loading of cargo.

   They feature removable or tarpaulin-covered roofs that provide protection from weather elements while still allowing for easy loading and unloading of goods from above.

   Open top containers are often used for transporting goods that cannot be easily loaded through standard container doors, such as machinery, timber, or oversized cargo.

   They are popular in industries like construction, forestry, and agriculture where the cargo may have irregular shapes or sizes.

Both flat rack and open top containers offer versatility and flexibility for transporting project cargo that doesn’t fit traditional container dimensions. They provide secure transportation solutions while accommodating various types of oversized or unconventional cargo.